Beautiful Illustrations Bring The Curious Garden To Life

Peter Brown’s The Curious Garden takes place in a ugly, brown wasteland.  Most people spend time indoors, except for Liam who loves to be outside.  He stumbles across a patch of earth, aching to grow on top of an abandonned train tressle.  Liam does not know a thing about gardening, but he learns and slowly brings the garden to life.  The garden becomes curious and expand to new parts of the city, turning the ugly wasteland green and lush.  The story does not always need words as we watch grass and flowers turn abandonned buildings into fantastic multi-level gardens. I love that this story was inspired by a true story in New York City.  Pay special attention to the first page of illustrations and the last.  They are fantastic before and after pictures you will enjoy flipping between.

 This book reminds me of the Scrounger’s garden in the Children’s Garden at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens.  Flowers and plants are growing out of all kinds of trash, such as old boots, bicycle baskets and bathtubs.


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